Kitchener, Ontario

To the editor, K-W Record:

Phil Kubassek's letter [August 3] was a splendid example of
poor logic and reasoning.  

He gives wind and electricity as analogies for God, claiming that
the power of all three is "undeniable".  But the difference between
physical phenomenon and God is clear:  any skeptic can feel
the wind and measure its speed.  Any skeptic can be shocked by
electricity and measure it with a voltmeter.  How can God be
similarly measured?

Kubassek claims that the existence of God is "indisputable".  Then
why have many famous thinkers throughout history disputed his
existence, such as Charles Darwin, Robert Ingersoll, Thomas Paine,
and David Hume?  Why is it that studies show that lack of religious
belief is correlated with intelligence and education?   

Kubassek claims that God has "a good plan for our lives".  That
will certainly be news to the millions who died in the Holocaust;
to the tens of thousands who died in Hiroshima and Nagasaki;
and to the thousands currently dying in the war in the former

If there is a God, and he does have a plan for us, it is certainly
the most diabolical plan ever constructed.

Jeffrey Shallit