I am a PhD student focusing on fluid simulations for computer graphics under the supervision of Dr. Christopher Batty. My current projects focus on surface tracking methods for fluid simulations (both implicit and explicit). We recently published results in Eurographics 2016 (check it out here!).

In 2014, I engaged in a research internship at IST Austria under the supervision of Dr. Chris Wojtan and co-supervised by Dr. Christopher Batty. Additionally, in 2013 I participated in a research internship with Microsoft Studios Vancouver, Mitacs and UBC Computer Science (in conjunction with Todd Keeler and supervised by Dr. Robert Bridson). The project focuses on creating a real-time fluid simulation of smoke using a triangle surface mesh, driven by a sparse vortex particle simulation. Our results of this internship will be present at SCA 2013. See project website for details.

I completed my MASc at Simon Fraser University focusing on machine learning techniques applied to sonar imaging (with the Underwater Research Lab). My thesis studies sea-floor surface reconstruction and classification for 3-D sidescan sonar. The goal of the research is to present a robust and performance oriented method of providing 3-D mapped and classified sonar information for marine ecology survey purposes.

Research project videos