Selected Awards and Honours: Waterloo

Alumni Gold Medal - Top Master's Student at the University of Waterloo <link>

Outstanding Achievement in Graduate Studies <link>

NSERC CGS D - Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada Alexander Graham Bell Canada Graduate Scholarship - Doctoral <link>

David R. Cheriton Graduate Scholarship <link>

NSERC PGS M - Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada Postgraduate Scholarship - Master's <link>

University of Waterloo President's Graduate Scholarship (twice: Master's and Doctoral)

Ontario Graduate Scholarship (twice: Master's and Doctoral; awards declined - mutually exclusive with NSERC awards) <link>

Selected Awards and Honours: York

Graduated Summa cum Laude

Member of Dean's Honour Role

Appointed student representative on the Computer Science Faculty Adjudication (Tenure and Promotion) Committee

York University Faculty Association Foundation Undergraduate Scholarship (Unable to officially accept, because I graduated in term awarded)

York University Continuing Student Scholarship

Atkinson College Students' Association Scholarship (three times)

Allen S. Berg Award in Memory of Mark A. Levy

Atkinson Sessional Academic Achievement List (twice)

Selected Awards and Honours: Earlier

A. J. Billes Canadian Tire Scholarship

Faculty members with whom I work

Some of Robin's other students

Some other UW friends