Bruce Simpson

Professor Emeritus, Computer Science, University of Waterloo
BSc (Toronto '62), MASc (Toronto '63), PhD (Maryland '66)

Current Research interests:

Adaptive Delaunay mesh refinement


Some recent publications

Computing Two-Factor Deltas Using Unstructured Meshes
        with Amelie C Belanger, Journal of Computational Finance, Vol 10, Number 3, pages 45-70

How Efficient is Delaunay Refinement? An Empirical Study
15 Intern’l Meshing Roundtable, Sept. 2006, Springer, ISBN-10 3-540-34957-X

Geometrical Improvement Properties of Delaunay Terminal Edge Refinement,
with M-C Rivara, Proceedings, 4th Int'l Conference on Geometric Modeling and Processing - GMP 2006,
Pittsburgh, PA., USA, July 2006, Springer Lecture Notes in Computer. Science, LNCS 4077. See extended
discussion in University of Waterloo technical report CS-2006-16.

Interactive Venation Based Leaf Shape Modeling ,
        with Sung Min Hong and Gladimir V. G. Baranoski, Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds, Vol 16:,(3-4), pages 415-427. 2005

         Geometry independence for a meshing engine for 2D manifolds ,
        Intern'l Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering, Vol 60, (3),  675-694, 2004     

        Approximate Shape Quality Mesh Generation , with Nancy Hitschfeld and Maria-Cecilia Rivara,
        Engineering with Computers,  Vol 17 (3) 287-298, 2001

        Terminal-edges Delaunay (small-angle based) algorithm for the quality triangulation
       problem with Maria-Cecilia Rivara and Nancy Hitschfeld, Computer Aided Design ,
      Vol  33:263:277, 2001.

Home telephone: 519 747 9429
Office: DC 3617, 519 888 4567 ext 4469

email: rbsimpson@uwaterloo.ca

postal address:
David R Cheriton School of Computer Science
University of Waterloo
200 University Ave. W
Waterloo, Ontario N2L 3G1

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