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I'm a PhD candidate in Computer Science at the University of Waterloo. I'm advised by two amazing researchers, Craig S. Kaplan and Paul Asente. I'm interested in computer graphics, game development, real-time rendering, non-photorealistic rendering, and graphic design. My research is about developing algorithms to tightly pack deformable/bendable/flexible objects inside a container shape. We published award-winning papers and I was fortunate to receive Cheriton Scholarship at UW. When I'm not in front of a computer, I'm an amateur ultra-endurance runner who always seek type-2 fun adventures. I finished my first 160-km trail ultramarathon in just over 22 hours. I also have a win and several podium finishes at local ultra races.


Deformation-Driven Element Packing
Reza Adhitya Saputra
PhD Thesis (Coming soon in Fall 2020)
AnimationPak: Packing Elements with Scripted Animations
Reza Adhitya Saputra, Craig S. Kaplan, and Paul Asente.
Graphics Interface 2020
Improved Deformation-Driven Element Packing with RepulsionPak
Reza Adhitya Saputra, Craig S. Kaplan, and Paul Asente.
IEEE Transaction on Visualization and Computer Graphics 2019
RepulsionPak: Deformation-Driven Element Packing with Repulsion Forces
Reza Adhitya Saputra, Craig S. Kaplan, and Paul Asente.
Graphics Interface 2018 ☆Best Student Paper Award☆
FLOWPAK: Flow-based Ornamental Element Packing
Reza Adhitya Saputra, Craig S. Kaplan, Paul Asente, and Radomír Měch.
Graphics Interface 2017 ☆Best Student Paper Award☆
Mixed-Initiative Approaches to Global Editing in Slideware
Darren Edge, Sumit Gulwani, Natasa Milic-Frayling, Mohammad Raza, Reza Adhitya Saputra,
Chao Wang, and Koji Yatani.
ACM CHI 2015


Computerized Generation of Ornamental Designs by Placing Instances
of Simple Shapes in Accordance With a Direction Guide

US 2018/0322612 A1
Paul Asente, Craig S. Kaplan, Radomír Měch, and Reza Adhitya Saputra
Selecting and Editing Visual Elements With Attribute Groups
US 2016/0189404 A1
Darren K. Edge, Koji Yatani, Reza Adhitya Saputra, and Chao Wang.


These are small projects I have done in the past:

Endurance accomplishments

IslamicStarPatterns stippling droste labyrinth hares azer_pale Dave