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CS885 Spring 2020 - Reinforcement Learning

Instructor: Pascal Poupart (ppoupart [at] uwaterloo [dot] ca)

Piazza: piazza.com/uwaterloo.ca/spring2020/cs885

Optional QA sessions via LEARN Bongo: Tuesdays & Thursdays 11 am - noon (an external link for the QA sessions will be posted in Piazza and accessible by all students, even if you cannot enroll yet)

Teaching Assistants:

Course format: Since the university is physically closed due to COVID-19, the course will be delievered online in an asynchronous way. This means that there are no lectures and no meetings on campus. Since some students might be in different timezones, there are no mandatory online meetings either. All material for the course is available via this website. Although this is an asynchronous online course, this is not a self study course that you can complete at any time. In the schedule, you are expected to watch and understand the videos assigned each week by that week. You must also respect the deadlines for assignments, critiques, presentations and the project. Pascal will hold optional online QA sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Slides and Videos: Checkout the schedule. Each week you are expected to watch and understand the videos scheduled in that week. For the first week, you must watch the videos scheduled May 11-15. Since Pascal taught the same course in 2018 and recorded each lecture, we will re-use many of the video-lectures from 2018. The fundamental concepts have not changed in the last two years. However, the schedule has been updated to include new advances from the last two years. Pascal will pre-record and post new videos for some of the topics that do not already have a video-lecture from 2018.

QA sessions: The first QA session will be on Tuesday May 12, 11am-noon (Eastern time). In each QA session, Pascal will answer questions about the material assigned each week in that week. The QA sessions are optional. Each QA session will be recorded and posted in LEARN. We will use the Bongo virtual classroom system in LEARN to hold the QA sessions. If you cannot enroll in the course yet, you can still participate in the QA sessions: an external link for each QA session will be posted in Piazza.