CS486/686 - Assignments

There will be four assignments given the course, each worth 10% of the final mark (7% for CS686). Each assignment will have a theoretical part and a programming part.  You are free to program in the language of your choice, however Matlab is recommended since it provides a convenient high-level programming environment for matrix operations.  If you decide to program in Matlab, the IST group maintains a nice set of online references for Matlab including a tutorial.

The approximate out and due dates are:

For each assignment, a hard copy must be handed in on the due date either in class or in slot 5 or 6 of the assignment drop off box # 3 (3rd floor of the math building near the bridge to DC). No late assignment will be accepted.

Assignment 1: due May 25th

Assignment 2: due June 15th
Assignment 3: due July 6th

Assignment 4: due July 25th