For most of my life, I used a single-lens reflex camera. I picked the habit up from my father. My mother, for some reason, cannot deal with even the simplest point-and-shoot camera.

I started taking pictures in earnest during my undergraduate years, and bought my own SLR on Canal Street in New York (a Minolta, so I could use my father's lenses). Inspired by friends who did their own darkroom work, I started to shoot black-and-white, buying it in bulk and "rolling my own". I did this until about 1984, when it became too time-consuming.

From about 1985 to 2005, I shot mostly slide film. The slides still exist, but I don't have them. Maybe some day they will be digitized.

I've gone steadily in the direction of convenience, starting with a Yashica T4, a good-quality point-and-shoot, which I used for snapshots (reserving the Minolta X700 for slide film on trips). In spring 2001 I bought my first digital camera, a Canon G2, and I bought a couple of DSLRs (Canon D40 and D90). On trips, however, I have taken to using something smaller (first a Pentax Optio S4, then a Panasonic Lumix LX7, and often an iPhone 5).

There might be photos from a recent trip on the travel page.