2 Assignments

Assignments will be posted here as the term progresses. Submission instructions are on the Marmoset page. Work is to be done individually. Please avoid excessive collaboration, and do not look for the answers to assignment questions on the Web or in other textbooks.

Assignment page

Watch the page linked above for posted assignments and due dates. In general, assignments will be finalized right after the corresponding chapter has been covered in lecture, and will be due roughly five to ten days later. There are no late submissions for credit, as solutions will be posted shortly after assignments are due.

Solutions: At the request of the authors, the solutions are password-protected to prevent them from spreading and becoming a temptation to others. Please do not redistribute any of these materials or your own solutions. To access the solutions, you will need to login with your Quest/WatAmI userid and password. Informal auditors and those who add the class after lectures have begun should email the instructor to be granted access.

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