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Theory of Computation

Fall, 1999, Ming Li

Class on Wed. Oct. 20 is cancelled.



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Topics To Be Covered


The following assignments will become readable on the handout dates.

Midterm Exam Topics

The midterm exam will cover topics we covered in the class till Wed. Oct. 27, inclusive. These include

Final Exam Topics

Approximately 30% of the final exam will cover topics we covered before the midterm exam, and 70% of the final exam will cover topics we taught after the midterm. Here are some sample questions for the final exam. The actual exam will probably contain more questions than this sample question list -- this list is only meant to provide with you some ideas about the kind of questions to be expected in the final exam. Remember the tutorials will be Dec. 18, 5pm, and Dec. 20, 1pm, both in MC 2605. I will be there to answer all questions.


Textbook is "Introduction to Languages and the Theory of Computation" by John C. Martin, 2nd Edition, McGraw-Hill, 1997. I reserved one copy of this book in the David Center Library.