CS 755 - Literature

The first few classes will be held as lectures. The list of papers below does not show 'class papers' for these classes and the lecture material is usually well-covered in textbooks. The papers listed below are primarily intended as background material and starting points for advanced readings.

Later classes will be a mix of lectures and student presentations of 'assigned class papers' as listed below.

All papers listed below are directly accessible from computers on the UW network. To access digital libraries papers outside the UW network, use the library proxy. For firefox, the URL Swap add-on is quite useful.


[C] - potential class paper: suitable for student presentation and critical review
[A] - assigned class paper: short review & student presentation
(B) - background paper: suitable for critical review




Remote Services

Naming and Mobility

Fault Tolerance

Ordering and Consistency

Storage and Replication

Cloud Services

Big Data