CS 848 (Winter 2010)
Advanced Topics in Databases: Cloud Data Management


Feb 12 The February 22 class meeting will not run longer than usual, as was originally announced. We'll meet on the normal schedule, and should be finished by 4:00.
Jan 24 The project schedule has been adjusted and finalized.
Jan 20 I've added some information about projects.
Jan 12 A table of paper presentation and summary assignments is now available.
Jan 4: Planning to take CS848? By Sunday Jan 10th, please e-mail me your full name, your UW userid, your home department (if not CS), and 3-4 preferred papers from the course reading list. I will try to take your preferences into account when making presentation assignments.

Course Overview


Course Information

Instructor: Ken Salem
Meeting Time: Mondays 1:00-4:00
Location: MC 2036
Office Hours: by appointment

Workload and Evaluation

Each student will be expected to read approximately three papers each week, in advance of class. Each student will also be expected to present several papers (the exact number will depend on enrollment) in class, and to prepare short summaries of about 6 papers. Finally, there will be a term project defined by the student. The following marking scheme will be used: