Dave Mason
Dave's thesis work is on software reliability. He argues that commonly proposed methods of software reliability estimation are inadeqate because of differences between the models and the actual software systems. He has developed a calculus for soundly computing the reliability of a software system from the reliability estimates of the system's components. (Jointly supervised with Denise Woit)

Jianwei Niu
Jianwei's thesis work is on specification analysis tools, working on how to automatically generate analysis tools for model-based specifications. As part of this work, she has unified the execution semantics of several model-based notations into a parameterized model of next-state relations and has identified a collection of composition primitives that are common to many notations. (Jointly supervised with Nancy Day)

P. Ann Meade
Ann's thesis work is on automated conflict resolution. She is experimenting with run-time resolutions of feature interactions, running user experiments to evaluate how predictable general resolution strategies are for resolving a wide range of telephone feature interactions. Her work will lead towards a language for specifying and customizing resolution strategies.

Vlad Ciubotariu
Vlad is a new Ph.D. student who is interested in exploiting mathematical models and symmetries to reduce the state-space explosion in exhaustive analysis techniques, like model checking. (Jointly supervised with Mark Aagaard)


Silvia Jia
Silvia is implementing our coordination model for composing feature modules and detecting and resolving their interactions at run-time.

Natalie Abraham
Natalie is a new M.Math student who is interested in detecting and resolving feature interactions at run-time.


Rick Sahadeo
Rick is an undergraduate research assistant who is the primary developer of our COURT reachability analyzer for composing features, detecting and resolving interactions, and reporting resolutions. This analyzer is a modification of the TLplan planning tool.

Joël Larose
Joel is an undergraduate research assistant who is implementing different resolution strategies in our COURT analyzer.

Kevin Ma
Kevin Ma is an undergraduate research assistant working in the feature interaction group.


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