CS 846   Model-Based Software Engineering
Spring 2011

Paper Reviewing

Review form

Each student will be assigned 5-7 papers to review over the course of the term. There is a plain text review form (available via the above link) which should be used for all reviews.

When completing your review, pay particular attention to the section that asks you to summarize the paper's contributions and to justify your rating of the paper. State what you consider to be the main contributions of the paper, and summarize your rationale for your ratings. Keep the whole thing short: two short paragraphs is the upper limit. Think of this section as an "executive summary" of both the paper and your review of the paper. Any additional detail belongs in the final section of the review, which can be as long and as detailed as necessary.

Reviews are due by 10:00am on the day in which the corresponding paper is being discussed in class. Email your completed review to the instructor as a plain text file attachment.  Do not cut-and-paste or otherwise in-line your review into the body of your message.