CS 846   Model-Based Software Engineering
Winter 2012

Paper Presentations

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Presentation Information

Each student will present 1-3 papers over the course of the term (depending on the number of students in the course).  We will devote 50 minutes of class time to each paper. The presenter will first give a 25-minute conference style presentation of the paper, and then will lead the class in a discussion of the paper's contributions to MBSE.

When preparing your presentation, keep in mind that the audience will have already read the paper that you are presenting. Also, some general introductory topics may have already been covered in lectures or in previous presentations. Your presentation should
The slides for your presentation are due by 10:00am on the day you are presenting. Email the instructor a single PPT or PDF file containing your slides. The slides will be posted on the course schedule page of the course web site.

All students (not just the presenter!) are expected participate in the discussion of your paper. Come to class prepared with some questions for the class and comments.

Marking Scheme for Paper Presentations

Paper presentations are worth 25% of your final grade. The evaluation form, which will be used to assess your presentation, is available via a link at the top of this page.

The formula for computing your paper presentation mark is:
        (x - 5) * 2 + 60

where x is the mark out of 25 (see the evaluation form).  The range of marks for paper presentations is

Total ( /25)

all 1's 5

all 2's 10

all 3's 15

all 4's 20

all 5's 25

Thus, it is impossible to get below 60% when doing a paper presentation (unless you don't show up!).

Presentations will be evaluated by both the instructor and by other students in the course.  Other students' evaluations are worth 35% of your presentation grade and the instructor's evaluation is worth 65%.

Writing constructive comments to help presenters learn how to improve their presentations is part of your participation mark. Your evaluation sheet will be passed back to the presenter, but your name will be removed (cut off) from the evaluation sheet.