CS486/686 Lectures

The following lectures were recorded as part of the move to online teaching in March 2020 (response to COVID-19). They are part of the CS486 (Introduction to AI) graduate class at the David R. Cheriton School of Computer Science at the University of Waterloo. They are free to use for non-commercial purposes. Copyright Jesse Hoey 2020. Any redistribution of these videos is forbidden.

Current lecture: 10a (Planning under Uncertainty I)
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lecture streamDateDurationSpeakertopicDownload mp4Slides (PDF)
March 16th, 202021:40 minsJesse Hoeylecture10a v1 (slides 1-17) (46Mb mp4) (6.6Mb PDF)
March 16th, 20204 minsJesse HoeyWorked example 1 - Continuity Axiom (7Mb mp4) (1Mb PDF)
March 16th, 202020 minsJesse Hoeylecture10a v2 (slides 18-32) (50Mb mp4) (6.6Mb PDF)
March 20th, 202019 minsJesse HoeyWorked example 2 - Decision Networks (50Mb mp4) (250Kb PDF)
March 23rd, 202032 minsJesse Hoeylecture10b v1 (slides 1-31) (71Mb mp4) (6.6Mb PDF)
March 20th, 20207 minsJesse HoeyWorked example 1 - Value Iteration (33Mb mp4) (330Kb PDF)
March 26th, 202015:30 minsJesse Hoeylecture10b v2 (slides 32-42) (34Mb mp4) (6.6Mb PDF)
March 26th, 202018:00 minsJesse Hoeylecture10c v1 (slides 1-17) (38Mb mp4) (3.6Mb PDF)
March 26th, 202015:00 minsJesse Hoeylecture10c v2 (slides 18-end) (36Mb mp4) (3.6Mb PDF)