John Beatty
I retired from the School of Computer Science at the University of Waterloo in 2010, having arrived there from California in 1978, where I obtained a degree in computer science from the University of California at Berkeley. While in graduate school I was employed by the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, mostly as a systems programmer and in the graphics group.
     I grew up in Portland, Oregon, where my father, sister and nephew still live, and retain an abiding fondness for the state's maverick streak. Though in recent years it seems to have forgotten that taxes are the price of civilization...
     Over the years I have been interested in the theory of parsing, computer graphics, and computer science education. Non-technical areas of interest include history, political science, and evolutionary psychology.

I live now on lovely Gabriola Island in British Columbia, BC being as close to my family in Oregon as I can get and retain Canadian health care, but continue to work on data visualization with Wayne Oldford of the Statistics and Actuarial Science Department at Waterloo; we share a fondness for Macs and graphics, though not for Lisp :-). [Sorry, Wayne.]

I can most easily be reached via e-mail (userid jcbeatty and host

Some courses I taught often (though some not recently) at the University of Waterloo,

reflecting my various interests.

Information about a book published by my father ("The Fourth Part of Gaul").

Documentation (aka "John is dead...")

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