Java Demos

Software to demo Java code (vs. writing it)

Image credit: Microsoft

There are a lot of excellent editors and IDEs for working with Java. When I’m working on production code (or anything really complex) my editors-of-choice is IntelliJ; it’s high-quality, fast, and most importantly, has excellent debugging, profiling and refactoring support. However, IntelliJ is really intimidating if you’re new to Java, just learning to program, or just want to pull together a quick class or two.

Here’s my setup of choice for demoing or writing snippets of Java code. This is what I often use in-class (at least for small code demos):

Visual Studio Code with the following plugins

  • Language Support for Java by RedHat
  • Java Debugger by Don Jayamanne
  • Code Runner by Jun Han

Dash - API documentation browser for Mac

  • See ZealDocs as an alternative for Windows and Linux

Alfred integration with Dash

  • optional, supports Java keyword searches directly from Alfred