About Me


I’m a Continuing Lecturer at the Cheriton School of Computer Science, University of Waterloo.

I regularly teach human-computer interaction, software engineering and development courses, and I also work as an undergraduate advisor.

The easiest way to reach me is via email. If you wish to speak with me in-person, my office is DC 3107 in the Davis Center.


Recent course offerings include:

Course Terms
CS 346: Application Development W22, F22, W23
CS 349: User Interfaces W20, F20, W21, S21, F21, S22
CS 116: Introduction to Computer Science 2 W21
CS 246: Object Oriented Programming F161


I’ve always been fascinated with the impact of technology on everyday life, and in particular by the design of interactive systems. My interests span programming practices, software engineering, and human-computer interaction. I’m most interested in:

My publications are listed on my Google Scholar profile.


Degree Awarded Institution
Ph.D Computer Science University of Waterloo
B.A.Sc Computer Science McMaster University
M.A Anthropology McMaster University
B.A Anthropology McMaster University

  1. Ok, it’s been a while for this one. I should probably teach it again soon… ↩︎