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My Teaching

Depending on the year, I can be found teaching one of the undergraduate information systems courses in the School of Computer Science (such as CS330 - Management Information Systems) or leading a graduate course in Public Health or Computer Science.

Graduate courses with which I'm currently involved include:

CS898 - Graduate Seminar in Health Informatics
PHS609 - Mgmt & Admin for Public Health Professionals
PHS637 - Public Health Informatics

I've had the pleasure of contributing to Waterloo's exciting new Masters in Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology (MBET) degree program.

Over the years, I've helped lead a number of professional education activities - including programs for health leaders offered by the University of Toronto, programs for bankers offered by the Institute of Canadian Bankers (now a part of the Canadian Securities Institute), and programs for physicians offered by the Canadian Medical Association.

I've also enjoyed working in a variety of international settings and often teach at the European Summer School for Advanced Management in Denmark.