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My Research

I work in the field of information management. with a particular interest in exploring ways to ensure and assess the security and viability of large scale financial information systems, such as those used in the banking and healthcare sectors.

At the macro level, I'm interested in evaluating and designing mechanisms to ensure operational continuity of information systems through the design of comprehensive controls and effective incident response strategies. My joint appointment to the university's public health program provides me with a particular focus on these issues in the context of catastrophic disaster planning (floods, hurricanes, etc.), as well as from a medical catastophe perspective (such as how to maintain full system functionality during a pandemic outbreak.) System vulnerability and risk assessment techniques round out my interest in this area and stem from my background as an accounting systems professor with a specialty in the financial services sector.

At the micro level, I'm interested in finding ways to lever high-availabiity systems to support decision-making, whether this be by ensuring the right information is at the right place for healthcare providers, or by addressing the information needs of systems specialists in the financial services sector.

I work with a wonderful group of colleagues who share my interest in finding ways to support the delivery of high quality healthcare through the use of high quality information.

I am a part of the ideas FOR HEALTH informatics research cluster at Waterloo. This is a group of researchers whose research focuses on i.d.e.a.s. - innovations in data, evidence and application systems in the health sector. I am a member of the Cryptography, Security and Privacy (CrySP) group in the School of Computer Science, and the Institute for Computer Research.