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Grad Students

As a faculty member holding a joint appointment in two academic units, I supervise students in both Computer Science and Health Studies & Gerontology. I have both Masters and PhD level students.

If you have a keen interest in health informatics, and think the University of Waterloo is the place to pursue your graduate education, I encourage you to apply to our program. We're always on the lookout for amazing students. Check us out.

Sadly, with so many students considering UW as their potential graduate school, I'm not able to reply to individual inquiries for general information. I encourage you to explore our website. It contains answers to most questions. If you have questions specific to our health informatics program, feel free to write, and hopefully my inbox won't be so overfilled that I'll be able to write back.

A common question I'm asked is to which health informatics graduate program a candidate should apply.

We offer two routes for students interested in health informatics. Students with a background in the health sciences (e.g., physicain, nurse, therapist, health studies) should a consider applying through our Health Studies stream in the Faculty of Applied Health Sciences. These students have a chance to deepen their health training, while adding a core component of computer science expertise.

Students with a strong CS or Math background should apply through our Computer Science program in the Faculty of Mathematics. These students can deepen their CS training, while adding a core component of health science expertise.

With a pharmacy school coming on stream, a brand new program in public health, a strong bio-focus, and lots of engineering expertise to go with our computer science and applied health science programs, we're a great place for you to develop expertise in health informatics. If your're a strong student with a desire to succeed, be sure to include us in your plans!