Presentation Information

When you are the presenter of a paper, you should go beyond just summarizing it. Every student in class has already read the paper, and has written a summary for it. Explain the necessary background material, put the paper in its proper context with respect to related work, highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the paper, bring up questions, and in general aim to create the environment for a lively discussion of the paper. We will spend 45 to 50 minutes on each paper. The presentation should be 25 minutes long, with the remaining 20 to 25 minutes for discussion. When you are the presenter, prepare slides for your presentation and send them to me in PowerPoint or PDF the morning of your presentation (Monday). I will post these slides on the class web page. Prepare your own slides for the presentation. Do not use slides that you obtain from the web or other sources.

All students (not just the presenter) should participate in the discussion of the paper. This will count towards part of your grade for the course. Come prepared with some questions, comments, examples, objections, suggestions, or anything else that will enrich the discussion.