CS446/646-Fall 2007

Software Design and Architecture

Assignment 3

(software legacy and installation guide due in class on December 3nd)


This is the third of three assignments that will altogether yield a first release for an IP based private branch exchange (PBX) as a consquence of a software design tender by a hypothetical communications startup called SuperTel Ltd. In this third assignment, your group is to proceed with undertaking the building and integration testing tasks specified in your group's detailed design. There are three graded components of this assignment.
  1. A project legacy document based on the format outlined below;
  2. An installation guide consisting of one or two pages that provide instructions to markers on the installation of your software; and
  3. A demonstration of your running system by all group members on a date and time to be determined by the third week of November.

Project Legacy Document Format

Your project legacy should consist of the following sections.
  1. Brief summary of project.
  2. Initial expectations.
  3. Current status  of the project.
  4. Remaining areas of concern.
  5. Time log for build and integration testing tasks.
  6. Technical lessons learned.
  7. Managerial lessons learned.
  8. Recommendation for future projects.

Document Style and Length

Do not make your project legacy report longer than necessary. In general, shorter reports that contain the required information are preferred. In any event, your report should not exceed 25 pages using 11pt charater size, including any diagrams and appendices.