E5: Conduct your own statistical analysis


Back on Fitts’ law experiment

At the end of the second class, you participated in this Fitts’ law task experiment designed to investigate the effect of mouse/touchpad vs touchscreen interaction in pointing tasks. Source code is available here.

A first group of participants ran the experiment on their personal mobile device and a second group of participant ran it on their personal laptop. The instructions were to adjust their speed/accuracy trade-off by trying to follow a 4% error rate.

The research hypotheses were the following:

In addition we make the following hypothesis:

The data collected during the experiment is available here. The CSV file provides columns with:


Your objective is to run appropriate statistical analysis to validate / invalidate the three hypotheses above.

Some recommendations:

Note that this final exercise will be graded on 6 points, corresponding to twice the weight of other exercises. You have two weeks instead of one to finish it.


Follow the submission instructions on the course information page. Provide the Rmd file and its html output (using the Knit button on the interface) showing the results. Make good use of markdown syntax to present your results in a way that is easy to read and understand. In your solution notes (integrated in the Rmd file), describe any problems you ran into, and the main resource(s) you used (blog posts, online tutorials, stackoverflow posts, papers, textbooks, etc.). These resources should have brief descriptions of what the resource is and how it helped you.