Post-doctoral Students

  1. Andrew Kane, January 2015 - April 2017
    current address: self-employed, Waterloo, ON, Canada.
  2. Jane Mason, June 2010 - November 2010.
    current address: Dalhousie University, Canada.
  3. Hui Zhang, July 2003 - December 2003.
    current address: Oracle Corp., Redwood City, USA.
  4. Tae Gwon Kim, January 2000 - February 2001.
  5. Pekka Kilpelaïnen, September 1993 -August 1994.
    current address: University of Eastern Finland, Kuopio, Finland.

Doctoral Students

  1. Besat Kassaie, "Update-Aware Information Extraction", 2023.
    current address: University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Canada.
  2. Nava Ehsan, visiting from the University of Tehran, February - October, 2015.
    current address: Scripps Research, La Jolla, CA, USA.
  3. Gregorz Drzadzewski, "An Online Analytical System for Multi-Tagged Document Collections," 2015.
    current address: Change Healthcare, San Jose, CA, USA.
  4. Andrew Kane, "Integrating Skips and Bitvectors for List Intersection," 2014.
    continued with postdoc at University of Waterloo.
  5. Ahmed Ataullah, "Business Policy Modeling and Enforcement in Relational Database Systems," 2014.
    current address: self-employed, Guelph, ON, Canada.
  6. Shahab Kamali, "Querying Large Collections of Semistructured Data," 2013
    current address: Google, Mountain View, USA.
  7. David DeHaan, "Equivalence of Queries with Nested Aggregation," 2009.
    current address: Salesforce, Burlington, ON, Canada.
  8. Robert Warren, "Engineering Truly Automated Data Integration and Translation Systems," 2008.
    current address: Myra Analytics, Toronto, Canada.
  9. Amir Chinaei, "Access Control Administration with Adjustable Decentralization," 2007.
    current address: York University, ON, Canada.
  10. Reem Al-Halimi, "Mining Topic Signals from Text," 2004.
    current address: Premier Software Solutions, Waterloo, ON, Canada.
  11. Xuerong Tang, "A High-Level Specification Language for Structured Document Transformation," 2003.
    current address: Microsoft Corp., Redmond, WA, USA
  12. Hui Zhang, "XML Query Processing and Optimization," 2003.
    continued with postdoc at University of Waterloo.
  13. Matthew Young-Lai, "Text Recognition Using a Region Algebra," 2001.
    current address: Google, Waterloo, Canada.
  14. Glenn Paulley, "Exploiting Functional Dependencies in Query Optimization," 2000.
    (joint supervision with P.-Å. Larson).
    retired: last address: SAP, Waterloo, ON, Canada.
  15. Mei Zhou, "The Suffix-Signature Method for Searching for Phrases in Text," 1997.
    current address: The Economical Insurance Group, Waterloo, Canada.
  16. Darrell Raymond, "Partial Order Databases," 1996.
    current address: The Gateway Group, Waterloo, ON, Canada.
  17. Mert Cramer, "Effects of Structure, Other Mnemonics, and Descriptive Text on Command Language Usability," 1994
    (joint supervision with N. Charness).
    deceased: last address: self-employed, Waterloo, ON, Canada.
  18. Jinhua Chen, January 1989 - October 1992 (deceased).
  19. Jose I. Icaza, "Adaptive Selection of Query Execution Strategies," 1987.
    current address: Monterrey Technical Inst., Monterrey, Mexico.
  20. Jose A. Blakeley, "Updating Materialized Database Views," 1987
    (joint supervision with P.-Å. Larson).
    deceased: last address: Microsoft Corp., Redmond, WA, USA.
  21. Claudia B. Medeiros, "A Validation Tool for Providing Database Views that Permit Update," 1985.
    current address: Univ. of Sao Paulo at Campinas, Campinas, Brazil.
  22. J. Howard Johnson, "Formal Models for String Similarity," 1983.
    current address: NRC, Ottawa, Canada.
  23. Raul J. Ramirez Inurrigarro, "Efficient Algorithms for Selecting Efficient Data Storage Structures," 1980.
    current address: Circuitos Impresos de Alta Tecnologia, Saltillo, Mexico.
  24. Nicola Santoro, "Efficient Abstract Implementations for Relational Data Structures," 1979.
    current address: Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada.
  25. Tok-Wang Ling, "Improving Data Base Integrity Based on Functional Dependencies," 1978.
    current address: National University of Singapore, Singapore.
  26. Sylvia L. Osborn, "Normal Forms for Relational Data Bases," 1977 (joint supervision with J.I. Munro).
    deceased: last address: Western University, London, Canada.

Masters Students


  1. Yin Ki (Kiki) Ng, Knowledgehook, Kitchener, "Dowsing for Math Answers: Exploring MathCQA with a Math-aware Search Engine," 2021.
    current address: Faire, Waterloo, ON, Canada.
  2. Dallas Fraser, "Math Information Retrieval using a Text Search Engine," 2018.
    current address: Knowledgehook, Kitchener, ON, Canada.
  3. Zhiping Wu, "Data Structures for Fast Access Control in ECM Systems," 2014.
    current address: TRIMPS, Shanghai, China.
  4. Ahmed Ataullah, "A Framework for Records Management in Relational Database Systems," 2008.
    (joint supervision with A. Aboulnaga).
    continued with PhD at University of Waterloo.
  5. W. Anthony Young, co-op masters, "Communication Cost Modelling for Federated Database Systems," 2005
    (joint supervision with G.N.Paulley).
    current address: MapD, Toronto, ON, Canada.
  6. Yuhui (George) Wen, "Similarity Search in Metric Spaces," 2004.
    current address: Okta, Toronto, ON.
  7. Hai (Helena) Chen, "Supporting Set-at-a-time Extensions for XML through DOM," 2003.
    current address: RIM, Waterloo, ON.
  8. Zarrin Langari, "Subject Classification in the Oxford English Dictionary," 2001.
    continued with PhD at University of Waterloo; current address: Statistics Canada, Ottawa, ON, Canada.
  9. Matthew Young-Lai, "Application of a Stochastic Grammatical Inference Method to Text Structure," 1996.
    continued with PhD at University of Waterloo.
  10. Elizabeth Tudhope, "Query Based Stemming," 1996.
    current address: Stargazer Software, Mt. Hope, ON.
  11. Sheng (Patrick) Li, "Using Inverted Lists to Match Structured Text,", 1996.
    current address: Keane Inc., Boston, MA.
  12. Kar-Yan Ng, "The Use of a Combined Text/Relational Database System to Support Document Management," 1996.
    current address: Oracle Corp., Redwood Shores, CA.
  13. Hemin Xiao, "Using a Thesaurus for Query Refinement in Full-text Retrieval," 1994.
    current address: Microsoft Corp., Redmond, WA, USA.
  14. George Townsend, "Citation Matching in the Oxford English Dictionary," 1989.
    current address: Algoma University, Sault Ste. Marie, ON, Canada.
  15. Vilhelm Boggild, "Graphical Specification of Keyword Queries to Videotex Databases," 1986.
  16. David Tanguay, "A General System for Managing Videotex Information Structures," 1986.
  17. F.N. (Rick) Kazman, "Structuring the Text of the Oxford English Dictionary through Finite State Transduction," 1986.
    current address: University of Hawai'i at Mānoa, Honolulu, HI, USA.
  18. Darrell R. Raymond, "Personal Data Structuring in Videotex," 1984.
    continued with PhD at University of Waterloo.
  19. Florian O. Bruckner, "A Design for the Library History Data Base," 1980.
  20. Kam-Leung David Ma, "Design and Implementation of a Student Database System," 1979.
  21. A. Stephen Tepper, "A Uniform File System," 1978.
  22. James H. Bradford, "Nucleus: A Natural Language Processor Implementation Tool," 1977.
    current address: Western Illinois University, Macomb, IL, USA.
  23. Douglas J. Martin, "Graphical Debugging of Data Structures," 1976.
  24. Projects/Essays

  25. Camilo Muñoz Bravo, "Math Information Retrieval with Wildcards in the Context of Pen-based Interfaces," 2019.
    current address: Stripe, San Francisco, CA, USA.
  26. Serge Bourbonnais, "Federated Archives: Transparently Archiving Relational Data," 2004.
    current address: IBM Corp., San Jose, CA, USA.
  27. Vahid Karimi, "WebDAV and DeltaV for Collaborative Authoring and Versioning," 2002.
    continued with PhD at University of Waterloo.
  28. Tonyang Wang, "A Proposed SQL Standard for Structured Text," 1996.
    current address: Syndesis Ltd., Richmond Hill, Canada.
  29. A. Patterson, "Centralization in Distributed Databases: a Case Study," 1986.
  30. J. Yeorgaroudakis, "An Implementation of the Math Faculty Database on the Watfile System," 1983.
  31. C.B. Yhap, "Path Access Structures for Videotex," 1983.
  32. L.M. Wong, "Design Methodologies for Business Applications," 1983.
  33. Gary Stewart, "The Design of Tutorials for an Electronic Workbook," 1983.
  34. J.A. Blakeley, "A Design for an Electronic Telephone Directory," 1982.
  35. M. Seguin, "A Study of Gateway Pages for Videotex," 1982.
  36. L. Lozano de Celis, "A Survey of Data Dictionary Systems," 1982.
  37. L.K.H. Chan, "A Model for Simulation of Videotex Systems," 1982.
  38. E.Y.Y. Poon, "Electronic Forms in Automated Office Systems," 1982.
  39. H.C. Ip, "New Student Database System (NSDBS)," 1982.
  40. S. Antoft, "Electronic Form Design Facilities," 1982.
  41. M. Manding Poirier, "Distributed Videotex Systems: A Study of Alternatives," 1981.
  42. A. Aizenman, "The End User Interface Facilities for a Mathematics Faculty Database," 1981
    (joint supervision with D. Rotem).
  43. E. C-Y Lam, "Database Support Systems for the Mathematics Faculty Database (MFDB)," 1981
    (joint supervision with D. Rotem).
  44. J. Zarzar-Charur, "The Entity-Relationship Model: A Practical Case," 1981.
  45. J. Yuk Fai Lai, "Design of a Network Student Database System," 1981.
  46. G.T.A. Beattie, "ABC: A High Level Language for Defining Abstract Data Types," 1980.
  47. P. Reynolds, "Preparing the Student Database System for Export," 1980.
  48. Kim-Leung Lau, "A Structural Approach for Logical Database Design - Total Production Planning Database," 1979.
  49. Kin Yan Fong, "On Choosing a Representation Scheme From A Library," 1979.
  50. D.B. Seeler, "An Editor's Filing System," 1979.
  51. P. Bhatacharyya, "A Study of the Ingres Database System," 1979.
  52. Chung Kwong Lau, "Record Partitioning for Database Management Systems," 1978.
  53. Lai Cheu Ng, "A Study of ANSI/SPARC's Internal Schema," 1978.
  54. Anthony Man-Chi Tong, "Frameworks for Describing External Schemes for Database Systems," 1978.
  55. Wai-Ming Ling, "Three Proposed Hardware Implementations for Database Management Systems," 1978.
  56. Y.W. Li, "Machine and Device Independence Study in Computer Graphics through Transportation and Enhancement of NCAR Graphics Package," 1977.
  57. Jack Wei, "Reliability of Real-Time Systems," 1977.
  58. Joyce Lam, "Graphic Facilities for Teaching van Neumann Machine Architecture," 1977
    (joint supervision with J.D. Lawson).
  59. H.M. Chan, "A Study of Data Abstraction in Programming Languages," 1977.
  60. C.M. Lim, "A Set-oriented Language," 1976.
  61. R.M. Chapdelaine, "A Study of High-Level Data Types," 1976.

Undergraduate Research Assistants

  1. Terence Tsang, "Database for Specialized Optometric Records," January-April 2017.
    current address: University of Waterloo
  2. Runbiao (Tim) Zhong, "Database for Specialized Optometric Records — visualizations," January – April 2017.
    current address: LinkedIn, Sunnyvale, CA.
  3. Chi (Ace) Zhang, "Database for Specialized Optometric Records," May 2016-August 2016.
    (joint supervision with K. Dalton)
    current address: Vidyard, Kitchener, Canada.
  4. Borui (Boris) Lin, "Database for Specialized Optometric Records: front end," September 2015-December 2015, May 2016-August 2016.
    (joint supervision with K. Dalton)
    current address: Pinterest, San Francisco, CA.
  5. Ziquan (Zack) Wang, "Database for Specialized Optometric Records: back end," September 2015-December 2015.
    (joint supervision with K. Dalton)
    current address:, Mountain View, CA.
  6. Harry (Chuhan) Xiong, "Efficient Parser for a Math Retrieval Engine," May 2015-August 2015.
    current address: University of Waterloo, Canada.
  7. Shadab Ul Rashid, "Web-based Text Search and Display," May 2008-December 2008.
    (joint supervision with B. Tremblay)
    current address: Palette Gear, Kitchener, Canada.
  8. Jingchi (Evan) Chen, "Web interfaces to structured text," January 2004-April 2004.
    (joint supervision with D. W. Russell).
    current address: Oracle Corp., Mississauga, ON.