My technical experience includes the design and construction of digital computers, multi-CPU computer systems, magnetic tape memories, interface hardware and software, sequential and parallel compilers, communication protocols, processing of speech signals, isolated word-recognition, microprocessor-based systems, analogue and digital simulation models, and commercial packages.

Over the last fifteen years, I have done research and supervised student projects in a wide range of digital design tool areas (specification, synthesis, and verification of layout, logic, register-transfer and behavioural abstractions). As part of these efforts, we have developed computer-aided methods and tools for the design of large-scale digital systems, application specific integrated circuits (ASICs), embedded systems, and the design and introduction of software development processes and tools. Furthermore, I have also used design tools--most notably, the N.2 package and some of the Berkley tools--in logic design and computer architecture courses I have taught. These activities have given me first-hand experience and appreciation of design tools.

I am also familiar with digital signal processing techniques, especially pertaining to processing of speech signals. Furthermore, I am also familiar with the basics of spread-spectrum communication technology.

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