Design and Re-engineering of Systems.

On several occasions, I have been the main force behind new developments or changes aimed at improving the quality, efficiency and competitiveness of a business or academic enterprise. These developments or changes can be categorized as:

  1. promotion, design, and implementation of software (or embedded system) development methods and processes;
  2. design and re-engineering of business processes aimed at increasing their flexibility, and responsiveness to customer needs;
  3. design, recruitment, and delivery of new educational programs aimed at making universities more responsive to the needs of students, industry, and society;
  4. encouraging a laboratory-based experimental approach to computer science by promoting the idea, seeking the funds, and securing the needed space, machinery, and human resources;
  5. improving the content and relevance of computer science programs by introducing hands-on software and hardware courses;
  6. introduction of new teaching methods aimed at improving the effectiveness and appeal of existing courses.
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