Alan Smith

Ezzeldin Tahoun

Computer Science PhD Student / Security Architect


My interests are on Usable Security, Blockchain/Hyper Ledger, Intrusion Detection, and Machine Learning/AI.


Cybersecurity and Privacy Institute


  • Pen Testing
  • Sec Architecture
  • SecDevOps
  • Threat-Intelligence
  • Blockchain Design
  • Net Sec


CS 458 (S19)

CS 116 (W19)

External Reviewer

IFIP/IEEE International Symposium on Integrated Network Management

IEEE International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems (ICDCS)


Mathematics Domestic Graduate Student Award (DGSA) by University of Waterloo

Mathematics Domestic Doctoral Scholarship (MDDS) by University of Waterloo

2nd Place Catch The Flag (CTF) Security Competition in GEEKWEEK 5 in Ottawa

Provost's Honor Roll & iron Kipling ring of engineering by McMaster University

1st Place Competitive Programming tournament by McMaster Programming Association

2nd Place Winner by McMaster Robotics (Sumobot) Competition

Got McMaster 3rd Canadian Place in ACM ICPC 2015(Contestant) & 2016(Contestant & Coach) & 2017(Coach)

3rd Best Security Network and privacy hack by Private Interent Access & Princeton University

Top 8 Microsoft Hacks by Microsoft & Yale University

1st Best Anomaly Detwction Algorithm & 2nd Best Visualization of Entities on a Network by TrustWave & Northwestern University

3rd Best Microsoft Hacks by Microsoft & Northwestern University

3rd Best Engineering Project by McMaster Engineering Competition

1st Best SFML/C++ Game in Game Development Championship & 4th Place in Competitive Programming Competition in Amrerican University in Cairo

Dean's List, Academic Achievement Scholarship & 4.0 MGPA Scholarship Awarded by The American University in Cairo


- BlocktechConnect (Blockchain & Security) 2018 - Liuna Station, Hamilton, Canada

- Cyber Crime & Warfare 2015 - The American University in Cairo, Cairo, Egypt
- Competitive Programming 2015 - McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada
- Electromagnetics Tutorials 2016 - McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada

- Router Hacking Workshops @ DeltaHacks - McMasterU Hackathon 2019 - McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada
- Network Security Workshop 2017 - McMaster Innovation Park, Hamilton, Canada
- Data Structures and Algorithms Workshop (for ICPC) 2017 - University of Windsor, Windsor, Canada
- Dynamic Programming and Graph Alogrithms Workshops (ICPC Bootcamp) 2016 - McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada

- OCE FINANCE CYBERSECURITY PARTNERING FORUM 2017 - Design Exchange, Toronto, Canada
- Startup Competition 2018 [Won $3,000 cash and $20,000 in-kind] - McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada
- Incubator Competition 2017 [Won $30,000 in-kind] - McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada
- Elev8 MARS & Innovation Factory 2016 - McMaster Innovation Park, Hamilton, Canada


Conference & Workshop:
-Qiang Xu, Rong Zheng, Ezzeldin Tahoun:Detecting Location Fraud in Indoor Mobile Crowdsensing. CrowdSenSys@SenSys 2017: 44-49

-SecureBeat: The New Biometric Identifier (McMasterU)

-Tahoun, Khedri (McMasterU): Exploring Strategies for Digital Security Series ( Defense in Depth vs Layered Security, Defence in Depth & layered Security, Layered Security & Layered Defence in Depth).
-Tahoun, Maklad, El-Kassas (American Univ in Cairo): Cyber Crime in the Middle East: Analysis
-Tahoun, Doyle (McMasterU): Data Acquisition Systems: A Closer Look
-Tahoun, Pacemaker Development (Design Documentation)