Dave's Policy 76 Video :: FAQ

This is a follow-up FAQ to my video: How to Fix Policy 76 in 19 minutes. It assumes you have watched that video and are familiar with my terminology.


If you have questions not covered here, please email them to me at: dtompkins @at@ uwaterloo.ca

Last Updated: 2022-08-10 at 11pm

General Meeting on August 12, 2022

Will you be available to answer questions at the general meeting?

What advice would you give to those attending the general meeting?

PPD Activities, PPD Terms and PTR

Note: Progression Through the Ranks (PTR) is also known as Promotion & Tenure (P&T)

The position of the Lecturers Committee is (paraphrasing): "If PTR requires PPD activities, PPD terms should be provided to reduce workloads and allow Professors T.S. to work on those activities". In other words: "the motivation for PPD terms is tied to the need for PPD activities, which are required for PTR". Does your proposal support that argument/rationale?

What would you propose to help new Assistant Professors T.S. prepare for their tenure/permanence?

Would you get rid of all of the PPD language?

If you don't think the PPD language should exist, how would you propose PTR should work for a Professor T.S.?

If you don't require PPD activities, what would a Professor T.S. do during a NTT+C?


I'm an 80/0/20 Lecturer with a teaching load of 5... are you proposing that my teaching load should go up because of your proposal [angry face]?

Are you proposing that the number of teaching tasks or the 10% teaching task rule be codified in Policy 76?

Not all teaching tasks are created equal, and the teaching tasks currently assigned to Lecturers in my unit are more onerous than the teaching tasks assigned to O.G. Professors. Does your model take that into consideration?

Sabbaticals and NTT+Cs

In the video, you use the term "early Sabbatical"... did you mean "half-year sabbatical"?

If Professors T.S. are eligible for Sabbaticals, should O.G. Professors be eligible for NTT+Cs as well?

How would you summarize sabbaticals / NTT+Cs?

Wouldn't your proposal require changing Policy 3 in addition to Policy 76?

What about Note 2 in Policy 3, that states that Lecturers that become O.G. Professors accumulate service credit at a reduced rate of 50%?

Research Components

Are you suggesting that Professors T.S. cannot be excellent researchers and/or deserve low evaluation scores?

Salary Equity

You are proposing that the workloads between O.G. Professors and Professors T.S. should be balanced and fair. However, that only makes sense if salaries are balanced and fair as well. If salaries are unbalanced, then shouldn't the workloads be unbalanced accordingly?


What is the plural of "Professor, Teaching Stream"?


How did you make the video?