Dave's Policy 76 Web Page & FAQ

This is the web page to host my policy document:

[pdf] How to Fix Policy 76 in 10,000 words [version 0.8 - December 2022]

which is a follow-up to the video I created: [YouTube] How to Fix Policy 76 in 19 minutes

Please email any questions or feedback to: dtompkins @at@ uwaterloo.ca

I am also happy to meet with anyone to discuss this in person or over MS Teams.

On this page, I am answering questions and responding to feedback.

Last Updated: 2022-12-08

Why did you create the document and video?

In the video, are you suggesting that Professors T.S. cannot be excellent researchers and/or deserve low evaluation scores?

You are proposing that the teaching loads between O.G. Professors and Professors T.S. should be reasonably balanced. However, that only makes sense if salaries are balanced. If salaries are unbalanced, then shouldn't the workloads be unbalanced accordingly?

How did you make the video?