The Orange Book

People still come up to me and talk about my presidential campaign. Most people point out that they voted for me (they almost never say that they didn't vote for me) and then go on to describe why they voted for me. Quite frankly, I love it, because I still don't know why people voted for me, and I'm always want to make sure I don't dissapoint the voters. A topic that keeps popping up is my campaign literature. I was pretty proud of it, and people generally get a kick out of it. It was called the Orange Book, and there's no deep meaning to that except for the fact that the book was orange. I decided to throw it up on the web for all those people that still want to read (or re-read) it. But primarily I want to make sure that people remember my campaign promisses and hold me to them. Sure, everything doesn't work out as you plan, and I already look back at some of my promises and realize I was naive. But for better or for worse, these were my promises to the students of Western.

I didn't spend a lot of time making this page fancy or pretty, and I hope you can read it fine.

Whole Wheat Side

Frosted Side