Captain Jack Captain Jack :: The SAT Solver

Department of Computer Science, The University of British Columbia and
Institute of Theoretical Computer Science, Ulm University


Captain Jack is a highly parametric stochastic local search algorithm for solving SAT.


A preprint of the final Captain Jack paper is available [here].
An detailed experimental appendix (still in a rough draft) is available upon request.


Captain Jack is included in ubcsat (since version 1.2-beta12).

You should use the most recent version.

(the build used to generate the data in the SAT 2011 paper is ubcsat 1.2-beta12 available [here])

Instance Sets

Each of the data sets are split into a training and a test set:


Instance-Specific Parameter Files

The final parameter settings found by ParamILS and used to generate the results in the SAT11 paper are [here].

to use these files with ubcsat, you can simply use:

ubcsat -alg jack -fp parameterfile

(we have also provided all of the preliminary parameter settings used in the experiments [here]; the final parameter settings are the phase3 results)

ParamILS Configuration Files

The configuration files used to configure Captain Jack with ParamILS are available [here].

(we have also provided all of the configuration files used in each phase of the experiments [here])

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