XHiering Host

Before setting up

Ensure that /etc/hosts, /etc/hosts.equiv, and /.rhosts are set up appropriately. You will need to ensure that root access is allowed from the arch/admin master. (Solaris 8: you will also have to edit /etc/default/login to allow root to log in from other than the console. this may apply to other versions of Solaris as well.)

Basic XHier Services

Setup the Xhier Tree using csh

Create home mount point directories plus /u (where the link tree into u# lives).

Also want to support kludge from when home directories where on pythagoras:/fsys2 and everyone use to reference them via /fsys2/u*.

Setup NFS Mount of regional information and while you're at it also add all the NFS mounts. Append to the "/etc/vfstab" file the following lines (remember to update the lines to correspond to your file server setup):

# NFS Mounts from mail and home directory file servers.
<Home File Server>:/vol/vol2/dotsoftware/regional - /.software/regional nfs - yes rw,hard,grpid
<Mail File Server>:/.../mail   - /var/mail   nfs     -       yes     rw,hard,grpid,actimeo=0
<Home File Server>:/.../u1     - /u1         nfs     -       yes     rw,hard,grpid
<Home File Server>:/.../u2     - /u2         nfs     -       yes     rw,hard,grpid
<Home File Server>:/.../u3     - /u3         nfs     -       yes     rw,hard,grpid
<Home File Server>:/.../u4     - /u4         nfs     -       yes     rw,hard,grpid
<Home File Server>:/.../u5     - /u5         nfs     -       yes     rw,hard,grpid

Mount the regional information which is used by xh-first-time.

Setup the Xhier on the hosts that will be distributing to the new host.

Add host to appropriate groups

Initializing Minimum Xhier Services on the New Host.

Installing Basic Services Packages.

Most (all) of the xhier commands in this section will complain about "xh-register: Can't find registrar host 'xh-registrar.uwaterloo.ca': Error 0" This error goes away after the reboot that occurs a little further along.

Sometime around now ask /software/lpr/.admin/Maintainer to setup a printcap file on this host.

On the xhier regional master [you can find the hostname from any host already in region with "cat /software/xhier/config/local/allowed-types"]

  1. For each host in the region that the new host will be joining (ie the new hosts regional siblings) add the new host name to their /etc/hosts.equiv

Quick blasting of packages (Needs to be sorted by functional groups) (Actually this whole list needs to be re-thought and maybe done in the "/software/mfcf-specific/data/requests/*" files which are then just added to "/software/xhier/config/local/requests")
If (when!) ssh-openssh is installed, you may have to first install the solaris-random package, as ssh-openssh has no hard dependency on this package but it will not work under Solaris 8 without this package. If you get messages about the PRNG being uninitialised, this is why.

Manual Package Cleanups

Use "xh-packages -I" to find out which packages where distributed to the new host but did not end up being installed for what ever reason.

Final Tweaking

rcs initial /etc/vfstab and /etc/dfs/dfstab

Turn off dtlogin with "chmod a-x /usr/dt/bin/dtlogin"

Adding User Accounts

Add host to setpw setup only if it's a regional client.