FE01.math OS setup and Install

Operating System Install

Ultra 10 (440 MHz CPU) comes with Solaris 8 (2.8) installed. We are using Solaris 2.6 in our general environment. To install Solaris 2.6 on a Sparc CPU greater than 419 Mhz you need to use the special hardware cd that comes with the sparcstation (Operating Environment Installation CD 1999) along with the Solaris 2.6 5/98 Server CD (get from IST as we don't have our own copy).

During the installation I used these replies:

Once system has rebooted after the initial OS install, I then:

XHiering Host

Basic XHier Services

Setup the Xhier Tree

Setup NFS Mount of regional information and while we're at it also added all the NFS mounts to vfstab

# NFS Mounts from fisher.math
fisher-1.math:/vol/vol2/dotsoftware/regional - /.software/regional nfs - yes rw,hard,grpid
fisher-1.math:/home/mail   - /var/mail   nfs     -       yes     rw,hard,grpid,actimeo=0
fisher-1.math:/home/u1     - /u1         nfs     -       yes     rw,hard,grpid
fisher-1.math:/home/u2     - /u2         nfs     -       yes     rw,hard,grpid
fisher-1.math:/home/u3     - /u3         nfs     -       yes     rw,hard,grpid
fisher-1.math:/home/u4     - /u4         nfs     -       yes     rw,hard,grpid
fisher-1.math:/home/u5     - /u5         nfs     -       yes     rw,hard,grpid
Create home mount point directories plus /u (where the link tree into u# lives).

Also want to support kludge from when home directories where on pythagoras:/fsys2 and everyone use to reference them via /fsys2/u*.

Mount the regional information which is used by xh-first-time.

Setup the Xhier access rights.

Add fe01.math to /etc/hosts.equiv

Add host to appropriate groups

Add host to setpw setup

Initializing xhier.

Installing Basic Service Packages.

Sometime around now ask /software/lpr/.admin/Maintainer to setup a printcap file on this host.

Manual Package Cleanups

Quick blasting of packages (Needs to be sorted by functional groups)

Final Tweaking

rcs initial /etc/vfstab and /etc/dfs/dfstab

Turn off dtlogin with "chmod a-x /usr/dt/bin/dtlogin"