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Dave's BlackBerry Notes

Accessing UW Wireless

In "Manage Connections" (antenna icon with waves radiating out from it) select the menu item
" Set Up Wi-Fi Network".
If you get the " Welcome to Wi-Fi Setup! " introductory page, select
Since I'm not going to assume you're currently on campus, on this "Select an option" screen select
"Manually Add Network"
and use the following settings:
Sid: uw-secure
Security Type: PEAP
User name: <UWDir username>
User passwd: <UWDir password>
CA certificate: GlobalSign Root CA 2014
leave the rest of the entries at their defaults and select
If you're on campus, the top line center of screen should say: ROGERS - uw

Additional Software

Imap/pop Email Client

LogicMail Setup not recorded yet.

Mobile SSh Client

MidpSSH which has active support for the BlackBerry. For wifi support use this custom BB build. [an error occurred while processing this directive]