RE: Rise and Shine Bagels at 52 Bridgeport East.

Some of you are not aware that Rise and Shine Bagels, the ONLY place in town, and indeed anywhere around these parts, where one can get genuine New York bagels, is NOW open on Thursdays and Friday mornings. The one-day-per-week opening on Saturdays was just a summer-time thing. Brian needs our support to stay in business.

So Please SO VISIT Rise and Shine Bagels on Thursdays and Fridays from 7:30am until 2:30pm

From dberry Sun Oct 22 13:41:30 2000
Subject: Rise and Shine Bagels rises and shines above all else in KW

I grew up in Jewish neighborhoods of Cleveland and was raised on genuine New York style bagels. I have lived in Chicago, upstate New York, New York City, Providence Rhode Island, Los Angeles, and thus consider myself to be a bagel maven. I know the proper test for bagelhood, that a baby can teethe on it for 10 minutes without it disintegrating into a ball of mush.

Prior to the recent opening of Rise and Shine Bagels, I had tried the bagels at Zehr's, at Tim Horton's, at Great Canadian Bagels, and at a place opposite A&M Africa (it was so unmemorable, that I forgot its name) near the Kitchener's farmers' market. They were all so bad that I got into the habit of importing 2 or 3 dozen bagels in my luggage each time I went to the US on business. I go to the US about 5 or 6 times a year to major cities. So, this was enough to provide me with two decent bagels per week for my weekly lox and bagel dinner. In fact, I had gone to Rise and Shine last June for the first time on the recommendation of a friend who had helped me import some bagels from Chicago. She had declined to take any of the imported bagels as her commission because she found Rise and Shine Bagels to be better than the ones I was importing.

I tried it and ``wow! the real stuff!'' Rise and Shine Bagels pass the bagelhood test with flying colors and they taste great. I have stopped importing bagels from the US. I have been to the US twice since the last import and have felt no need to bring bagels back. Indeed, Rise and Shine bagels were better than the ones I found in Portland Oregon on my last trip to the US.


Daniel M. Berry