Directions to my house assuming that you are already in Waterloo

My address is
11-522 Beechwood Drive
Waterloo, Ontario N2T 2G9

It is northwest of the corner of Fischer Hallman and Erb, where there is a Zehr's. Continue west from that corner until you come to Beechwood Drive. Turn right into Beechwood Drive. It starts off going north but it curves to be parallel to Erb heading west.

My house is unit 11 in the 522-524 Beechwood complex. The wooden sign saying "522-524 Beechwood" is in the bushes past my driveway, assuming that you are coming from Zehr's. Unfortunately, that sign is not lit at night so you need to look carefully for it. I am in the collection of units that is parallel to the street, and I am in the last unit of that collection. My driveway connects directly to the street. My unit number, 11, is on the upper left corner of the garage. The front door is to the left of that on what appears to the be side of the unit.

You can park in my driveway. Again, assuming that you are coming from Zehr's, in the driveway past mine, there is parking for visitors. As a final alternative, you can park in the street.