I am hearing impaired and have been enjoying the fact that the Internet promotes communication by text at almost the speed of telephone calls. I began to worry that this advantage of the Internet would disappear in favor of voice communication. Indeed, in Star Trek episodes, people communicate with computers strictly by voice and the computer has no lips that can be read. So, I published a paper about requirements for maintaining Web access for hearing-impaired individuals, explaining what must be done to keep the hearing impaired franchised on the Internet while working towards enfranchisement of the sight impaired and the physically impaired.
Berry, D.M., ``Requirements for Maintaining Web Access for Hearing-Impaired Individuals,'' Third International Workshop on Web Site Evaluation (WSE'01), pp. 33--41, Florence, Italy, 10 November 2001 PDF preprint

I am also trying to actively participate in two other projects in which my experience adjusting the world's interaction with me gives me intuition that can be useful: