Various work that I have done points to the criticality of the role of the customer or user, hereinafter called the CU, in a requirements engineering effort. The traditional view is that a CU is fountain of information about the domain of and the requirements for the system to be built. However, at least one person, Joseph Goguen has observed that not all requirements can be obtained from the CUs. Many have to be invented in a social process involving the requirements engineers and the CUs. If RE is to work properly, then the CU has specific duties in the process. These include, but are not restriced to: A first attempt to characterize this role came out of the work on house building as a metaphore for software engineering. I had used my knowledge of RE processes to play a tougher than usual client in a house building and in two house remodeling efforts, and ended up being far more satisfied with the results than most such clients. Also, there were lessons learned in my being the client in several cases studies reported on in the work on user's manuals as requirements specifications.