CS858 - Internet Censorship and Surveillance - Winter 2022

Schedule & Reading List

Week 1
Introduction to the course
Jan 6
Introduction to the course
Censorship and Surveillance
Week 2
Jan 11 Jan 13
The Dangers of Surveillance
N. M. Richards [Harvard Law Review'13]
A Survey of Anonymous Communication Channels
G. Danezis, C. Diaz [TechReport'08]
Inferring Mechanics of Web Censorship Around the World
J. Verkamp, M. Gupta [FOCI'12]
SoK: Making Sense of Censorship Resistance Systems
S. Khattak, T. Elahi, L. Simon, C. M. Swanson, S. J. Murdoch, I. Goldberg [PoPETs'16]
Censorship Circumvention
Week 3
Jan 18 Jan 20
StegoTorus: a camouflage proxy for the Tor anonymity system
Z. Weinberg, J. Wang, V. Yegneswaran, L. Briesemeister, S. Cheung, F. Wang, D. Boneh [CCS'12]
Games Without Frontiers: Investigating Video Games as a Covert Channel
B. Hahn, R. Nithyanand, P. Gill, R. Johnson [EuroS&P'16]
ScrambleSuit: A Polymorph Network Protocol to Circumvent Censorship
P. Winter, T. Pulls, J. Fuss [WPES'13]
Matryoshka: Hiding Secret Communication in Plain Sight
I. Safaka, C. Fragouli, K. Argyraki [FOCI'16]
Week 4
Obfuscation (multimedia)
Jan 25 Jan 27
SkypeMorph: Protocol Obfuscation for Tor Bridges
H. Mohajeri Moghaddam, B. Li, M. Derakhshani, I. Goldberg [CCS'12]
DeltaShaper: Enabling Unobservable Censorship-resistant TCP Tunneling over Videoconferencing Streams
D. Barradas, N. Santos, L. Rodrigues [PoPETs'17]
The Parrot is Dead: Observing Unobservable Network Communications
A. Houmansadr, C. Brubaker, V. Shmatikov [S&P'13]
Poking a Hole in the Wall: Efficient Censorship-Resistant Internet Communications by Parasitizing on WebRTC
D. Barradas, N. Santos, L. Rodrigues, V. Nunes [CCS'20]
Week 5
Decoy Routing
Feb 1 Feb 3
Project proposal due. Telex: Anticensorship in the network infrastructure
E. Wustrow, S. Wolchok, I. Goldberg, J. A. Halderman [Sec'11]
Routing Around Decoys
M. Schuchard, J. Geddes, C. Thompson, N. Hopper [CCS'12]
Slitheen: Perfectly Imitated Decoy Routing through Traffic Replacement
C. Bocovich, I. Goldberg [CCS'16]
No Direction Home: The True Cost of Routing Around Decoys
A. Houmansadr, E. L. Wong, V. Shmatikov [NDSS'14]
Week 6
Clever Tools
Feb 8 Feb 10
Blocking-resistant communication through domain fronting
D. Fifield, C. Lan, R. Hynes, P. Wegmann, V. Paxson [PoPETs'15]
Evading Censorship with Browser-Based Proxies
D. Fifield, N. Hardison, J. Ellithorpe, E. Stark, R. Dingledine, P. Porras, D. Boneh [PoPETs'12]
Practical Censorship Evasion Leveraging Content Delivery Networks
H. Zolfaghari, A. Houmansadr [CCS'16]
Geneva: Evolving Censorship Evasion Strategies
K. Bock, G. Hughey, X. Qiang, D. Levin [CCS'19]
Internet Blackouts
Week 7
Feb 15 Feb 17
Analysis of Country-wide Internet Outages Caused by Censorship
A. Dainotti, C. Squarcella, E. Aben, K. C. Claffy, M. Chiesa, M. Russo, A. Pescapé [IMC'11]
Rangzen: Anonymously Getting The Word Out In a Blackout
A. Lerner, G. Fanti, Y. Ben-David, J. Garcia, P. Schmitt, B. Raghavan [arXiv'16]
Building Dissent Networks: Towards Effective Countermeasures against Large-Scale Communications Blackouts
S. Hasan, Y. Ben-David, G. Fanti, E. Brewer, S. Shenker [FOCI'13]
Performance and Energy Consumption Analysis of a Delay-Tolerant Network for Censorship-Resistant Communication
Y. Liu, D. R. Bild, D. Adrian, G. Singh, R. P. Dick, D. S. Wallach, Z. Morley Mao [MobiHoc'15]
Week 8
No classes - Reading Week
Feb 22 Feb 24
Week 9
No classes - Conf. Travel
Mar 1 Mar 3
Work on project report.
Report due.
Censorship Measurements
Week 10
Ethics and Measurements
Mar 8 Mar 10
Can Censorship Measurements Be Safe(r)?
B. Jones, N. Feamster [HotNets'15]
Augur: Internet-Wide Detection of Connectivity Disruptions
P. Pearce, R. Ensafi, F. Li, N. Feamster, V. Paxson [S&P'17]
Forgive Us our SYNs: Technical and Ethical Considerations for Measuring Internet Filtering
J. R. Crandall, M. Crete-Nishihata, J. Knockel [NSEthics'15]
Satellite: Joint Analysis of CDNs and Network-Level Interference
W. Scott, T. Anderson, T. Kohno, and A. Krishnamurthy [ATC'16]
Week 11
Planet-scale Measurements
Mar 15 Mar 17
Quack: Scalable Remote Measurement of Application-Layer Censorship
B. VanderSloot, A. McDonald, W. Scott, J. A. Halderman, R. Ensafi [Sec'18]
ICLab: A Global, Longitudinal Internet Censorship Measurement Platform
A. A. Niaki, S. Cho, Z. Weinberg, N. P. Hoang, A. Razaghpanah, N. Christin, P. Gill [S&P'20]
OONI: Open Observatory of Network Interference
A. Filastò, J. Appelbaum [FOCI'12]
Censored Planet: An Internet-wide, Longitudinal Censorship Observatory
R. S. Raman, P. Shenoy, K. Kohls, R. Ensafi [CCS'20]
Censored Topics
Week 12
Censored Topics
Mar 22 Mar 24
Tweeting Under Pressure: Analyzing Trending Topics and Evolving Word Choice on Sina Weibo
L. Chen, C. Zhang, C. Wilson [COSN'13]
Topics of Controversy: An Empirical Analysis of Web Censorship Lists
Z. Weinberg, M. Sharif, J. Szurdi, N. Christin [PoPETs'17]
Every Rose Has Its Thorn: Censorship and Surveillance on Social Video Platforms in China
J. Knockel, M. Crete-Nishihata, J. Q. Ng, A. Senft, J. R. Crandall [FOCI'15]
Chinese Wall or Swiss Cheese? Keyword filtering in the Great Firewall of China
R. Rambert, Z. Weinberg, D. Barradas, N. Christin [TheWebConf'21]
Project Presentations
Week 13
Mar 29 Mar 31
No class Catch-up Presentations
Week 14
Project Presentations
Apr 5 Apr 7
Final report due April 14. Project presentations Project presentations