Hello There! This is Camilo

After an awesome time at Pinterest, I'm excited to return to the Bay Area! but this time to join a startup-ish company: Quip, where I'll be interning this Summer 2018 (May-Sep)

I am currently a Graduate Student at the University of Waterloo, pursuing a Master's in Computer Science. I'm part of the Data Systems Group (DSG) and my advisor is Frank Tompa.

My research interests include health informatics, machine learning, data analytics and health-care applications. I'm especially interested in using data science and technology to tackle tough problems in the world in a variety of real-life contexts. Additionally, I'm passionate about full-stack development, creating mobile apps, solving problems with data analytics, and I am constantly improving my skillset.

Before coming to Waterloo, I earned my B.S. in Software Systems Engineering at Icesi University (Colombia), and was a member of the i2t Research Group and the International Center for Medical Research and Training.

Skillset Overview

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  • Mobile Development

    I love creating mobile apps! I've coded mostly in Java for Android and I'm currently learning how to code in Swift for iOS.

  • Web Development

    I also make web apps for fun! I have experience in Django, Play Framework, jQuery, and JavaScript.

  • Hardware & Embedded Systems

    I also have experimented with a fair number of cool gadgets!. I've worked with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Lego NXT, Python, VHDL and even x86 Assembly.

  • Data Science

    My newly adquired interest!. I've experimented with some cool techniques including Clustering, Dimensionality Reduction and Time Series Analysis.

  • Research

    I've been part of awesome projects, many of them aiming to improve the life conditions of many people, and also requiring me to learn new concepts, ideas and tools at a fast pace.

  • Teaching

    I've been a TA for a fair number of courses, including: Algorithms and Programming, Algorithms and Data Structures, Software Architecture, Logic and Computation.

    I also taught as Head TA for the Robotics Summer Camp at Icesi University for three years, teaching K-12 students how to program robots.

I Love Discovering
I Love Learning

I'm always excited about new technologies, I like spending part of my spare time experimenting with new frameworks, creating apps, and hacking some hardware. No matter the challenge, it's always exciting trying to keep up with the pace.
If I encounter something I don't know, I'll make my mission to learn how to use it.
I'm not an expert at everything, on the contrary I often make mistakes, but with practice and patience I know I can get better! One step at a time:)

My Hobbies
aka Unhealthy Obsessions

Three of the things I can't get enough of are food, listening good music, and watching TV Series & Movies. I'm especially enticed by pastries and breakfast meals (for me, breakfast is the most important meal, even more than lunch or dinner). Some of the artists/bands I like to hear are: Owl City, Of Monsters and Men, and Goose House. Among the best series I've ever watched are: Doctor Who, Sherlock, Game of Thrones, Modern Family, How I Met Your Mother, and Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency (I know it sounds odd but trust me, it is awesome!).

Thanks for passing by