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This site has been retired.

Please go to www.learningwithrobots.com.

Robots: Learning to Program with Java

What is Robots?

  • It’s a textbook.
  • It’s software.
  • It’s a gentle way to teach object-oriented programming that really is “objects first”.
  • It’s an implementation of Rich Pattis’ Karel the Robot.
  • It goes way beyond traditional implementations of Karel by targeting the entire introductory programming course, not just the first two weeks.
  • It’s not just robots! Other examples include graphics, a credit card, a combination lock, graphing polynomials, input and output for a game of Connect4, an on-line telephone book, recordkeeping for Big Brothers/Big Sisters, and using classes from the Java library.

Contact: bwbecker@learningwithrobots.com.