Phase Zero: Pop-Up Events

What is a pop-up event?

At the pop-ups we hope to set up a stand featuring an interactive piece of art-tech. At the booth there would also be an individual to give a background on the piece and the future of the ArtTech Movement.

The Goal

This experience is meant to introduce the City of Stratford to show the community how art and technology intersect to create interesting new pieces.

Who are we hoping to attract?

  • Active Community Members: We hope to target those who are active in Stratford's various communities so that they can share their experiences with others.
  • Local Artists: As we introduce this new medium we hope to capture the imaginations of artists so that they begin imagining what they can do within the medium.

Where would we host these Pop-ups?

We envision these taking place at local single day events. They are supposed to give the community a taste of art-tech and ignite their curiosity.

  • Local Events
    • Winterfest
    • Swan Parade
    • Weekly Farmer's Markets