Phase One: A Multiday Event

What would a three day event look like?

The event would be two fold

  • Exhibition: Here pieces of art tech will be exhibited. These pieces will be an extension of the local pop-up events.
  • Workshops: For individuals of all ages and abilities to begin experimenting in art-tech.

The Goal

The featured pieces are intended to showcase the stories of Stratford; this movement is from the people of Stratford for the longevity of the Stratford economy and community.

Who are we hoping to attract?

  • Local Community Through the workshops we hope to bring groups from across generations and from multiple skill sets together. We hope to bring everyone together to create together.
  • Art-Tech Community Across Southern Ontario: This event will hopefully begin to attract individuals interested in the larger art-tech community. Not only will they have a chance to exhibit but they will have a chance to explore works from others within their field.

Where would this event he held?

This event is flexible; It can either be housed in one large space or be fashioned as a walking tour across the city.