Phase Three: The Centre of Art - Tech in Canada

What does the centre of art tech in Canada look like?

Renovate the Cooper Site and create a large tech space and hub for individuals and corporations to use and reuse. We want to create maker spaces where artists can rent out spaces for themselves to be creative, we want to have a large auditorium for events in tech and showcases in art and tech to be shown.

The Goal

  • Host Industry: Have office and collaboration spaces for companies interested in exploring the intersection of art and technology to grow.
  • Support Artists in Creating:
    • Gallery: To showcase the works created
    • Exhibition Place: A space to bring community together and celebrate works
    • Workshops: A space for artists to create
  • Community Oriented:
    • Mentorship Programs:
      • Bridge the Generational Gap
      • Teach New Skill Sets
      • School & Family Programs