Stratford, the ArtTech Hub

A contemporary movement in art and technology.

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Our Mission

The ArtTech Movement is aimed at supporting artists in linking their creative visions to new technologies.

As communities of creators grow, it lays the foundation to attract businesses interested in innovating in the art - tech space.

In a shifting world, the human need for art remains constant. Our plan is grand, however, it is aligned with the current culture of Stratford and will drive a creative economy that will create community prosperity.

Our Itinerary

Pop Up Events

Beginning in an environment that is familiar to the Stratford Community, we slowly introduce to them the concepts of the ArtTech movement.

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A Multiday Event

The featured pieces are intended to showcase the stories of Stratford; this movement is from the people of Stratford for the longevity of the Stratford economy and community.

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Community Workspaces

Repurposing current community spaces, creating new spaces and giving companies the ability to support art-tech artists.

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The Centre of Art-Tech in Canada

The Cooper Site Will Host Industry By Creating A Space Equipped with Spaces, Community Building and Innovation Spaces for Industry.

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Our Work

Our Collaborators

Mentorship Programs

Bridge the Generational Gap and Teach New Skill Sets.

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Possible Community Partners for the Stratford's ArtTech Movement.

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Creators who are interested in contributing their works and mentorship skills to the Stratford ArtTech Community.

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Our Amazing Team

Original Co-founders at ArtTech.

Amirah Mahomed

Graphic Designer

Daniel Ruginets

UX Designer, Videographer, Photographer

Bahareh Sarrafzadeh

UX Researcher, Information Visualizer, Data Scientist

Katrina Schouten


Anjelica Maglinao

Visual / UI Designer