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Switch/Ports/Port Configuration Page:
Dell™ PowerEdge™ 1655MC Integrated Switch User's Guide

Port Configuration

On this page, you can view and edit port parameters. For each port number listed under the Port column, you can change the following parameters listed by column name on the screen:

  note.gif (1135 bytes) NOTE: Autonegotiation must be disabled before you can configure or force the port to use the Speed/Duplex Mode or Flow Control options.
  note.gif (1135 bytes) NOTE: The uplink ports cannot operate at 1000 Mbps, half duplex.

To save any changes you make in this page, click Apply Changes. To reset these fields to their current value, click Refresh.

CLI Commands

The following is a summary of the equivalent CLI commands for items in the Switch/Ports/Port Configuration web page.

Command Usage
interface ethernet unit/port Use this command to configure an Ethernet port interface and enter interface configuration mode. (LINK)
shutdown Use this command to disable an interface. To restart a disabled interface, use the no form. (LINK)
description string Use this command to add a description to an interface. (LINK)
speed-duplex {1000full | 100full | 100half | 10full | 10half} Use this command to configure the speed and duplex mode of a given interface when autonegotiation is disabled. (LINK)
negotiation Use this command to enable autonegotiation for a given interface. Use the no form to disable autonegotiation. (LINK)
capabilities {1000full | 100full | 100half | 10full | 10half | flowcontrol | symmetric} Use this command to advertise the port capabilities of a given interface during autonegotiation. (LINK)
flowcontrol Use this command to enable flow control. (LINK)
show interfaces status [ethernet unit/port] Use this command to display status for enabled interfaces. (LINK)
show interfaces switchport [ethernet unit/port] Use this command to display the configuration for a port. (LINK)


(config)#interface ethernet 1/7
(config-if)#description RD SW#3
(config-if)#no negotiation
(config-if)#speed-duplex 100half

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