CS 854 Advanced Topics in Computer Systems: Emerging Technologies, Current Trends and their Influence on Systems


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Class Participation is an important component of this class. You are expected to have read the papers and be prepared to discuss them in class.

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This class will look at some emerging technologies and current trends in the design, implementation and use of computing systems and the potential impact this will have on future systems and software. Although some of the topics might cover new hardware techologies, this course will be about the impact on software. We will look for and discuss opportunities for systems and networking research as a result of or related to these trends, most likely with a focus on operating systems, libraries and applications. I will be looking for more suggestions from students who will be taking the course but some possible topics might be:

Expected Background

These are not strictly required but many of the papers and discussion are likely to revolve around computer systems research so some background in the following areas may be helfpul.

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Note that students are not generally permitted to submit the same work for credit in multiple classes. For example, if a student has reviewed or presented one of the papers in another seminar class, he or she should avoid reviewing or presenting it again for this class.

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