COSC 6422: Parallel and Distributed Computing

Assignment 1

A number of pointers to various pieces of documentation will be provide for you use for this course. There is no need to print the vast majority of this stuff. If you print things unneccessarily these helpful pointers will disappear.

Assignment 1

Assignment 1 requires the use of two parallel programming packages, PVM and Treadmarks. The following html guide for PVM, and user doc for Treadmarks, will be both useful and necessary for completing this assignment.

Student               Application

Your Name             The name of the application your are writing.
Lila                  LU decomposition
Yang                  Quicksort
Laura                 Cholesky Decomposition
Chang Li              Successive Over Relaxation
Xin Wang              Merge Sort
Xiaoyan               Jacobi
Matthew               Travelling Salesperson problem
Razvan                Neural networks - Back propagation algorithm
Behrad                FFT