CS 432
Business Systems Analysis


Anne Banks Pidduck
DC 3331, Ext. 34662

Office Hours: Thursdays 2 to 3 pm


The course examines systems analysis as a discipline, differentiating analyst and end user roles in business information systems. Topics include information gathering, project initiation and management, requirements analysis, process modelling (data flow diagrams), data modelling (entity relationship diagrams) and normal forms.

Not open to Computer Science students
Prerequisites: CS 330 and third year standing
Antirequisites: AFM 341/ACC 442, CS 445/ECE 451, MSCI 444, SE 463

Teaching Assistants

Vahid Reza Karimi, vrkarimi
Georgia Kastidou, gkastido


Tuesdays and Thursdays, 11:30 to 12:50 pm, CPH 3388
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5% In-class Work
20% Assignments (4)
15% Group Project
20% Midterm, Thursday, October 16 in class
40% Final Exam

Academic Integrity

Student Petitions & Grievances, Discipline, and Appeals Policies


Assignment 1
A1 Article
Critique Tips
Efficient Reading
Marking Scheme Comments

Recommended Textbook

Harris, David
Systems Analysis and Design for the Small Enterprise, Third Edition,
Thomson Course Technology, 2003

Library Copy: uwd